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The Course Tools Project is developing easy-to-use web tools for fast and flexible access to course information and planning at Cambridge.

For staff the project aims to make the processes of managing, updating and co-ordinating courses easier, faster, less time consuming and less risk-prone. For students benefits might include improved access to course information, individual electronic timetables, more choice and sustained freedom to pursue academic interests (e.g. via NST option choices).

We are seeking input from across the University to understand institutional practice and concerns around course information and management. In our pilot project with the Natural Sciences Tripos, lecturers, administrators and students have identified a number of areas they feel could benefit from software support.

Course Tools development is funded by the JISC.


Conclusions from 13 Things

Back in March – May CourseTools in conjunction with the OU’s Learning Design Initiative ran a co-ordinated programme of workshops and blogged reflections on 13 curriculum-design related tools – check out the separate 13 Things blog. We’ve now synthesised all the thoughtful feedback we received, drawn conclusions and prioritised some actions. The full feedback summary [...]

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